5 – 8 JUNE 2018

The first of June 1998 marks a special date on which the National Institute of Metrology (Thailand), also known as NIMT, was found to take an important role as the national metrology institute (NMI) of Thailand responsible for establishment and development of the national metrology system. Throughout the past two decades and with the aids and support from our peer NMI partners such as PTB of Germany, NMIJ of Japan, NIM of China, NIST of USA and NMIA of Australia etc., we have been able to embrace and implement advance innovative measuring standards, equipment and technology to guarantee that measurement and test results performed in Thailand are traceable to the International System of Unit and accepted worldwide especially by our trade partners.  Not only in economics area, has NIMT also played an important role to advocate quality of life of Thai people and society.

Keeping pace with changes in our economy, our industry, our society and unprecedented growth in many areas of the country has driven NIMT to continually taking step by step to improve ourselves and become one of the main pillars to support and strengthen Thailand’s quality infrastructure.

This year, 2018, marks our 20th anniversary and to celebrate this special occasion, we are organizing a series of events beginning from 5th of June to 8th of June, 2018. On 5th of June, we are hosting the national symposium entitled “Thailand Quality Infrastructure (TQI): which direction shall we take?”, in which we aim to raise awareness of importance of NQI, and on 6th of June, we will be hosting the international symposium on “Revision of the International System of Units” aligning the theme with this year concept for the World Metrology Day. Both symposium will take place at the Renaissance Bangkok Ratchaprasong Hotel in the city centre of Bangkok, Thailand. In the morning session of 7th of June, we will take our special guests from our peer NMI partners to call on the Minister of Science and Technology. It is expected that the call would allow a high level discussion on current and future development of the measurement science as well as its foreseeable impact on economic and social development between the Minister and directors and representatives of.NMI In the evening, we will have an official reception for directors and representatives of invited NMI and NIMT awards recipients to honour their tremendous contribution to the growth and development of national metrology system and NIMT. The last of the series will be on 8th of June on which we will proudly inaugurate our new laboratory building that is designed especially for the development of Chemical Metrology and Biometry and we will have the “Open Doors” in which we will show all guests our highlighted measurement facilities and have two exhibitions: “20 Years: 20 Steps of an NMI” and “Moving Thailand’s Chemical Metrology and Biometry Forward”. The celebration will be concluded by a 20th Anniversary Party in front of the new laboratory building. A short film will tell a story of an institute that was founded twenty years ago with a single mission. That is to make measurement result accurate, reliable and fit for its purpose.

We are looking forward to welcoming you all to join us for this special celebration.

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