Thailand-Japan Metrology Seminar on Successful Building of an ASEAN Metrology Hub

Organised by NIMT in cooperation with JETRO and JICA


NIMT is an outcome of long term technical cooperation between NMIJ (National Metrology Institute of Japan) and NIMT (National Institute of Metrology (Thailand)) under the support of JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency). The cooperation is undisputedly a successful one.

  • NIMT's technical capabilities has continuously been improved and enlarged. NIMT's calibration and measurement capabilities cover all major quantities and ranges needed by industries in Thailand.
  • Since 2003, NIMT has been providing internationally recognised calibration services according to the international mutual recognition arrangement CIPM-MRA in all major quantities.
  • NIMT has been providing training to neighbouring countries and other developing economies with developing metrology system including ASEAN countries.
  • NIMT has become a benchmark for contemporary national metrology institute's development.

However, these technical capabilities are not yet fully utilised for the benefits of Japanese firms based in Thailand and ASEAN.

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